Tuesday, December 27, 2011

a long december

I sure have been neglecting this blog thing lately... This holiday season has been good to me. Thanksgiving was great, Christmas was a good one, and there was a much-needed trip to Seattle (and Vancouver!) in between that went by way too quickly. Gosh I love it up there.

Now I have about 10 days off work and my good friend Annie is coming to visit on Thursday for a whole week! LA! New Year's! Disneyland? Beach! Sunshine! Adventures abound!

Here are some pictures from the last month or so. Most are taken on my new-ish iPhone which I am still OBSESSED with. Yep, I drank the kool-aid.

My cute little gingerbread house back when I finished it on Thanksgiving. Now it's all melty...

Every year at Thanksgiving, the boys make glider planes out of balsa wood and have a big flying competition to see whose stays in the air the longest. A few years ago, we girls decided to do our own thing and make gingerbread houses. No competition, just fun! And trying to figure out which candy is okay to eat / not 4 years old...
We do get kind of into it.

And then of course, the boys come along and make it into a competition. I think I won for best wreath?

I think the winning time this year was 30-something seconds in the air. I'm the official timer but I'm hoping to pass on that duty in a couple years to the kid... :)

and then... December!



A big piece of my heart will always live in the pacific northwest. I got to see my best girl friends, and had a realll fun couple of nights. Also got to see that little fuzzball Moxie, who's actually come a long way since the days of her devil-kitten antics. I think I've finally forgiven her for peeing on my bed all the time when I lived in Seattle. Oh, Mox.

I went ice skating! And I only fell twice! Someday I'll get it, I'm sure. I highly recommend having a hockey player hold your hand when you're first starting. Except when he makes you fall down one of those times. Thanks. ;)

...back home to California.
Laguna Beach is really pretty. Must go there more often.

Gingerbread and vin chaud. A couple of must haves at Christmas. And I'm so happy I found a good recipe for mulled wine - it tastes almost exactly like all the vin chaud I drank in France last year! Hooray! I've gotta say, I'd really rather be drinking it from a paper cup with gloves on in front of some grand cathedral, but hey. Home is nice too.

Our tree is so big this year that I could hardly get a picture of it, even when standing on a chair! I love it.

 Chillin with my Pops on Christmas Eve (waiting for Santa...?)

Oh no! Giant pigeon attack!!

Christmas morning was a blast, as always. This year I was responsible for all the cinnamon rolls, and I think I made a good first effort -- 3 giant batches were gone pretty fast. And only one pyrex pan exploded in my hands, and didn't hurt the rolls, so that's good I guess. (Isn't pyrex supposed to withstand extreme temperatures?)

My uncle wins for my favorite wrapping job.

One last thing: these were used as birthday candles for a friend's cake and I just had to get a picture of them. Amazing.

Hope you all had a good Christmas, and a great 2011!
Happy 2012!

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