Monday, September 5, 2011

settling back at home

Hello blog. Long time no post. Lately I've been trying to study for the GRE and one of my giant review books had a tip that one should write as much as possible prior to the exam, just to get into the swing of writing. So! Time for a little update on my life back home.

It's been two and a half months since I got home from France. A lot has happened in that time... including the unfortunate loss of my passport. It's been missing for almost 2 months now. Funny thing is, I have this sneaking suspicion that someone may have stolen it... I won't go into why I think that but the details of its disappearance are kind of weird. Oh well. I finally called and reported it lost last week, and it's time to go get a new one. I'm mostly just upset that I've lost such a good souvenir of all my travels in the last 6 years. Oh well, maybe it will turn up someday...

Also, I got a job! It's only part-time, but it's pretty much perfect for me. I'm working in the Special Collections and Archives department at a university nearby and I absolutely love it. I mostly handle thesis and dissertation submissions and work on the reference desk. I'm not doing much actual work with the archival material, but I'm learning a lot about the collections and I can go back into the stacks and look at any book or photograph or pamphlet I want. Most of the material they have has to do with Orange County history, which is particularly interesting to me. I want to learn all about where I grew up, and where my father grew up...

When I first got home from France, I panicked. I had no idea what to do next with my life. I had just gone on this grand adventure, and had decided not to prolong that adventure another year, but then I was just left sitting here thinking "ok, now what?". However! This job, as new and as small as it is right now, has really given me some direction. I've decided I'm going to apply for graduate school next fall, for admission in fall 2013, for a Masters in Library/Information Science program with a specialization in Archives and Records Management. I'm not applying for another year so I have some time to really think about it and decide where I want to apply. Some of the best-ranked schools are University of Michigan, University of Pittsburgh, UT Austin, and UNC Chapel Hill. I'd really like to go to one of those schools if I get in, so it looks like I'll be having another big adventure in a couple of years! I can't wait to go away to school again!

So right now I'm studying for the GRE, which i'm taking in 22 days (oh dear). I bought 3 giant review books and I've gotten through one of them so far. It actually feels kind of nice to be studying again... dare I say I missed it? Just a little bit?

Honestly, I couldn't ask for a more smooth-sailing time in my life right now. I'm loving being at home, my parents are glad I'm back, everyone's happy. The only thing that is difficult at times is trying to settle in to a place where I haven't really lived in 6 years. What does a 24-year-old do for fun in Orange County? Luckily I've been reconnecting with old friends and trying to meet as many new people as I can. It's amazing to see old friends whom I haven't seen in ages. Just last night I ran into a friend I haven't seen since 8th grade (that's 10 years ago!) and we immediately recognized each other and spent the entire night catching up over beers. There's been a surprise or two as well... Good surprises, of course.

I don't see myself living in Orange County long term, but I mean, after 6 years of being under the clouds and rain, the sunshine every day is oh so very nice. I'm actually looking forward to a really mild fall and winter... color-changing leaves and snow be damned! At least for this year.

And to end this post, I'd just like to show a picture I took on a walk around my neighborhood last night. I think it sums it all up.


Elisa said...


I'm a Kaplan GRE teacher, and a search turned up your blog entry.

In addition to the books your using, you might find our GRE/grad school blog of interest:

Best of luck on your GRE! Let me know if I can be of further help to you.


cathy said...

Hey Alix! Its cathy. Stumbled upon your blog from facebook.
I've got a friend in Houston doing a Library Science program - I can put you in contact with her if you'd like.

But what caught my eye was UT Austin. My alumni! Ooo go for it!

Glad you are enjoying life back in the USA. Home is nice, isn't it? (I'm back as well) :)


flewinto said...

alix! i hope you update your blog more! it's always fun to read (and i started mine again too - blog friends! blog bids, even.) you should go to upitt if you get in! i loooooooooove pittsburgh, it's cheap to live and has tons of fun, quirky stuff (and a GREAT main library. for realsies). miss you!