Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sur la route

Bonjour from Tours!  (Actually bonsoir. It's quite late. I should really be sleeping, I'm catching a train to Lyon early in the morning...)

I've seen 4 castles in the past two days, and I'll have to write more about them later... and of course post pictures. Always pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I've added a little badge over there on the right side of my blog ------> that goes to my flickr page. There you'll find all the pictures I've taken that I think are worthy of sharing. Then again, like this blog, I haven't been updating it very much... but I promise to make more of an effort! I'm uploading a batch right now from a month ago, so, progress!

I'll be home in about 10 days. So bizarre.

A sneak peek of the châteaux...

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