Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Best Vacation Part 2: Amsterdam

Amsterdam is now probably one of my favorite cities in the world. I had no idea there is so much water! I knew that there were canals, actually I thought there was a canal, but there's a whole web of them! People live in houseboats lining the quais (sorry I can't remember the English word for the piece of sidewalk lining the water, haaa oops) that have electricity and running water and everything. Crazy. 

I'm certain that I saw more bicycles than people in Amsterdam. And they really aren't kidding when they say WATCH OUT when you cross the street. You really have to look 6 separate times when crossing... for bikes, cars, and trams, and then the same going the other way. It was real life Frogger. I almost got clipped quite a few times by bikes whizzing by. I loved the bikes though! It made me miss my pretty red one back home (coincidentally named an "Amsterdam"! look it up - a red Electra Amsterdam bicycle. She's a beaut.)

I had a blast with these girls, as usual. The first day we were there it was nice and sunny (a bit cold!) and we took a canal tour. There was a recording in about 6 different languages spewing out interesting facts about the city... we mostly hung back on the end of the boat and took funny pictures though. What a gorgeous day.

Feathers loved Amsterdam too.
Other things we did or saw in Amsterdam:

Pub crawl.


Possibly the greatest fries I've ever eaten.

A is for Alix! M is for Mairead! Sadly no K for Katie, or J for Jill(s)...

We also went to the Anne Frank house, although I didn't take any pictures. It was very moving... that's about as good as a word I can think of to describe it. I'm still deciding if I would like to visit a concentration camp site like Auschwitz while I'm in Europe this time. It would be a valuable experience I think, and I have a friend who wants to go, but I honestly don't know if I could take it.

So that was Amsterdam, in a nutshell! Next is London!

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