Monday, January 3, 2011

Leeeeeeks (comme moi! AH-LEEKS)

I was so excited to go grocery shopping today, since everything was closed on Saturday for New Year's, and yesterday because it was Sunday... I did try going to a small grocery store yesterday before their listed closing time of 1pm, only to be yelled at for trying to walk in at 12:30pm... "C'EST FERMÉ, MADAME."  Sigh.

So tonight I'm having quite a "leeky" dinner.  Apparently leeks are big here in France.  I love it.  I reheated a leek quiche I bought at a boulangerie yesterday (just in case I was going to starve to death... haha) and made some balsamic reduction sauce for some more leeks that I boiled.  Mmmm...

Yeah, I need to work on my food photography.  I blame bad lighting in my apartment.  But you get the idea.  :)

Next up - tortellini soup!  A la Mom!  Man, I'm turning into a little cuisinière here...

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