Monday, January 10, 2011

Galettes Galore

Je suis la reine!

There's this great tradition in France called la galette des rois... it's basically a big cake (more like a croissant-type pastry with different kinds of filling) with a small figurine, called la fève, baked inside.  The galette is cut up into pieces and whoever gets la fève is le roi (king) or la reine (queen) for the day.  There's a certain day in January that this takes place, the 6th I think, but the galettes are available all through the month.  I've done a couple by now with the teachers at one of my schools, and a few times with friends, but I never got la fève.  :(

Well, I may never be in France in January again, so I really wanted to get my own fève and be the queen!  Yes, my only child tendancies kicked in just this once!  hahah.  So I bought my own little galette today on the way home from work and shared it with my roomie, who, turns out, also got her own galette with a Toy Story-themed fève inside.  Hers is apple and mine is pear-chocolate.  I tried getting a Nutella galette at the boulangerie today because I thought sure I saw a sign for one earlier, somewhere, but I couldn't remember where... I asked the nice lady behind the counter and she gave me this prissy look and said...  "Oh, no. Galettes aren't made with.. nutella.  No."  Whatever.  I'minFranceI'minFranceI'minFrance....  After I bought the (pricey!) pear and chocolate one, I walked past another place that had.. you guessed it.. nutella galettes.  Zut!

So Katie and I shared my galette today and I made sure I got my fève!  (only child, remember?)  It's really cute.  Porcelain, not plastic like those other cheapo ones.  It has a little apple tree on it.  And I get a crown!

La fève
Now I'm happy.  And full.  I may be galetted out.  Mais je suis la REINE!

(P.S. How cute is my hair.  Seriously.  It's cute today.)

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Kent said...

It IS cute. The little crown may have something to do with the cuteness though.