Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Couple things

Quick entry today about things I've seen this week so far.

Yesterday I was walking along the river that goes through town, and I happened to look over at one of the ancient city walls that crosses the river, and I saw this:

Honestly I almost screamed but I was by myself and it was broad daylight and there were people around that might have looked at me weird.  So I took a picture and walked away quickly...  But seriously, WHAT?

This is probably my favorite drawing so far.  That's supposed to be me, by the way.  "FOR ALIX, PURPLE"  Notice the nails.  Later on in class the same kid who drew this kicked me after I made everyone sit down after playing a particularly rowdy game at the whiteboard...  not hard, though.  Maybe it was a love-kick?  J'ai pas..

My lunch today!

I've started really missing certain foods at home that I never really think about when I'm here... but when I do think about them it's suddenly all I crave.  Like right now, I'm really craving teriyaki chicken.  I was talking about teriyaki yesterday to my Irish and Scottish friends and they looked at me like I was speaking gibberish.  How can you have never heard of teriyaki sauce, let alone tried it?!  Anyway, I saw hummus and tzatziki and smoked salmon in the store yesterday and I did a little happy dance.  This salmon with herb cream cheese is hitting the spot right now.  :)

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