Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My 15 minutes

I'm on the cover of my city's local newspaper this week, along with some other assistants!
And there's a lovely quote of me inside, talking about how I stepped in dog shit the first day I was here and how I always look at the ground now when I'm walking.


Oh well, look at my pretty picture!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I live in a town with a cathedral.

I still can't believe those words most days.  I step off the bus on the way home from work, and there it is, sometimes blushing with some nice sunset light on the west facade.

From Wikipedia: "Part of the lower portion of the nave dates from the 11th century."  I can't even... fathom that...

I remember a few years ago when I was on a European tour with my parents, we were walking around the Acropolis in Athens... My dad and I (both born and bred Californians, where everything is torn down after 40 years or so) were sharing a moment of utter awe.  I said something like, "I try to think about what LA looked like when all of this was being built, and all I can picture is, like, dinosaurs."

Oh also I'm reading The Pillars of the Earth so I'm kind of into cathedrals these days.  :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Couple things

Quick entry today about things I've seen this week so far.

Yesterday I was walking along the river that goes through town, and I happened to look over at one of the ancient city walls that crosses the river, and I saw this:

Honestly I almost screamed but I was by myself and it was broad daylight and there were people around that might have looked at me weird.  So I took a picture and walked away quickly...  But seriously, WHAT?

This is probably my favorite drawing so far.  That's supposed to be me, by the way.  "FOR ALIX, PURPLE"  Notice the nails.  Later on in class the same kid who drew this kicked me after I made everyone sit down after playing a particularly rowdy game at the whiteboard...  not hard, though.  Maybe it was a love-kick?  J'ai pas..

My lunch today!

I've started really missing certain foods at home that I never really think about when I'm here... but when I do think about them it's suddenly all I crave.  Like right now, I'm really craving teriyaki chicken.  I was talking about teriyaki yesterday to my Irish and Scottish friends and they looked at me like I was speaking gibberish.  How can you have never heard of teriyaki sauce, let alone tried it?!  Anyway, I saw hummus and tzatziki and smoked salmon in the store yesterday and I did a little happy dance.  This salmon with herb cream cheese is hitting the spot right now.  :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Galettes Galore

Je suis la reine!

There's this great tradition in France called la galette des rois... it's basically a big cake (more like a croissant-type pastry with different kinds of filling) with a small figurine, called la fève, baked inside.  The galette is cut up into pieces and whoever gets la fève is le roi (king) or la reine (queen) for the day.  There's a certain day in January that this takes place, the 6th I think, but the galettes are available all through the month.  I've done a couple by now with the teachers at one of my schools, and a few times with friends, but I never got la fève.  :(

Well, I may never be in France in January again, so I really wanted to get my own fève and be the queen!  Yes, my only child tendancies kicked in just this once!  hahah.  So I bought my own little galette today on the way home from work and shared it with my roomie, who, turns out, also got her own galette with a Toy Story-themed fève inside.  Hers is apple and mine is pear-chocolate.  I tried getting a Nutella galette at the boulangerie today because I thought sure I saw a sign for one earlier, somewhere, but I couldn't remember where... I asked the nice lady behind the counter and she gave me this prissy look and said...  "Oh, no. Galettes aren't made with.. nutella.  No."  Whatever.  I'minFranceI'minFranceI'minFrance....  After I bought the (pricey!) pear and chocolate one, I walked past another place that had.. you guessed it.. nutella galettes.  Zut!

So Katie and I shared my galette today and I made sure I got my fève!  (only child, remember?)  It's really cute.  Porcelain, not plastic like those other cheapo ones.  It has a little apple tree on it.  And I get a crown!

La fève
Now I'm happy.  And full.  I may be galetted out.  Mais je suis la REINE!

(P.S. How cute is my hair.  Seriously.  It's cute today.)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Leeeeeeks (comme moi! AH-LEEKS)

I was so excited to go grocery shopping today, since everything was closed on Saturday for New Year's, and yesterday because it was Sunday... I did try going to a small grocery store yesterday before their listed closing time of 1pm, only to be yelled at for trying to walk in at 12:30pm... "C'EST FERMÉ, MADAME."  Sigh.

So tonight I'm having quite a "leeky" dinner.  Apparently leeks are big here in France.  I love it.  I reheated a leek quiche I bought at a boulangerie yesterday (just in case I was going to starve to death... haha) and made some balsamic reduction sauce for some more leeks that I boiled.  Mmmm...

Yeah, I need to work on my food photography.  I blame bad lighting in my apartment.  But you get the idea.  :)

Next up - tortellini soup!  A la Mom!  Man, I'm turning into a little cuisinière here...

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I woke up this morning and my first thought (after thinking I just wanted to sleep for about 10 more hours) was - Goddamn.  There has got to be nothing worse than feeling hungover, jetlagged, and lovesick all at once.

But then I thought about it... and those are all signs of some pretty good stuff happening in my life...  I had a wonderful time last night at a random apartment in Paris, I am traveling, which will always be my true passion, and there's someone back home worth missing.

I missed you, France!