Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Me, I want a huuula hoooop

I can't believe it's already December!  I'll be home in 16 days!!  :)

I just realized I keep taking pictures of things with my face peeking out behind it... hah.
I got an advent calendar today!!  A kinder one!  If you've never had kinder candy (kinder bueno is my fave), you're missing out.  The one for today was a cute little kinder Santa!  This is such a treat for me compared to the cheap advent calendars I always get with the gross plastic-y chocolate inside...  this one has all kinds of different kinder candy :D

It was snowing today... just a little dust here and there, nothing too serious.  It was so pretty though.  I realized how utterly Californian I am when I was watching the snowflakes fall on my black jacket and I freaked out when I noticed that they're actually perfectly shaped snowflakes.  Six sides and everything.  I feel like I've probably seen that before, but I'm amazed nonetheless.

A bunch of us took a little drive today (my friend has a right-hand drive car.. still can't get over it) and we went to this place called Buffalo Grill for dinner.  It looked like something you'd see in Smalltown, USA.  A big red barn with BUFFALO GRILL written on the side with giant bull horns.  They were playing loud country music inside and had an American steakhouse menu... I ordered some ribs and thought they'd probably be awful but they were actually quite good!  I was pleasantly surprised!  Also surprised that they served us dinner at like 5:30.  The place was empty but we were starving, and we thought sure they'd turn us away for coming in before 7.  It was great though, I'd definitely go back!  Although I suppose it is kind of awful to go there while I'm in France... it was nice to get a little reminder of home for a bit.  Funny how almost anything American can remind you of "home" when you're far enough away.  Country music? Arizona burger? The Texan BBQ platter? Hell yeah, man.  Home sweet home.

Here's hoping we get a giant blizzard tonight so I don't have to go to work tomorrow.  Unlikely.  Oh well, I'll just make some lesson plans while drinking tea and listening to Christmas music....  la la la...

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marie said...

"Hell yeah, man. Home sweet home." I read that part of your blog and it kind of made my day. You are the greatest, A-lix.