Monday, November 8, 2010

Yay for care packages! :D

I got a nice little surprise when returning from Rouen today... a package!  With goodies!  

These go for over 11 euro in Paris.  NO JOKE.  And that's just the regular kind...
 American goodies!  From my very generous friend Kent!  (Thanks, again, dude)
Elementary school flash baaaack.  I didn't even know they still made Fruit by the Foot!
I got two of everything so I'm gonna school my Irish roommate on the amazingness of American candy.  She already enlightened me to the restorative effects of "rashers" after a night out.  It's like bacon, but even better.  I know, I couldn't believe it either.  Too bad you can't get them here.. she actually brought a package of them on her carry-on on the trip back from Dublin last week.  Love it.

Also I think it's kinda neat that I got an x-ray on the 115th anniversary of the discovery of the x-ray.  I went to Rouen today for a medical visit required for all the assistants outside of the EU... the doctor took a look at the x-ray and said "Bon, pas de lésions..."  Well jeez I hope there's no lesions!  Oh and I got to keep it.  Nice, more wall decorations.

And hint hint... I loooove care packages.  You all have my address, right?  ;)

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Kent said...

Better than bacon? Ha! I laugh at your attempts to convince me of this mythical ambrosia.

I'm so glad you got them. :D And that you were happy about it. Love the picture. It makes me want to send more of these care-type packages, hahaha. Say hey to your roomie for me and keep on rockin' in the French world.