Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Today I got back home to Evreux from about 12 days of non-stop traveling.  I had an amazing vacation.  I can't wait to write all about it here, but it's late and I have to teach tomorrow...  and I have no lessons planned...  anyway.  I had a really good time showing my parents around France, and it was wonderful to see Montpellier again for the first time since I studied there in 2008.  All those feelings from that summer came rushing back, and it's kind of overwhelming.  I'm constantly thinking about the possibility of staying here for another year.

Here's me at Le Mont St. Michel, near the border of Normandy and Brittany.  One of the great monuments in France, if not the world.  I'm so glad I got to see it!

More to come.  Sleep beckons..

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