Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Vacation Pictures...

So I just realized I only posted about part of my vacation!  After my parents left, I hopped on a train in Paris with my friend Jill and we set off for Montpellier!  We'd both studied there for several months in 2008-2009 and we were excited to return for the first time since studying there...

We didn't study there together, but it's funny.. when I first found out that she had been there too, I felt we had an instant bond because of that.  It's just that kind of city.  :)

While we were down south we took a little day trip to Avignon, stopping in Nîmes for an hour or so on the way.  It rained a little bit but it was still a perfect trip...

Feathers at the Arena in Nîmes (apparently it's the best preserved arena of the Roman era?  pretty impressive.)
Avignon!  Isn't it pretty?

The central square in Avignon - with a strange elephant statue 

IT WOULD BE A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE.  I love English translations..

Jill and the Pont d'Avignon (♫ sur le pont... d'Avignon... on y danse, on y danse... )

Carousel in Avignon.  Every city in France has one, I swear...

I had forgotten that Montpellier has palm trees!  And it was sunny and warm and beautiful when we were there... just like home!

3 Graces fountain!
I kept saying while I was there... "I'm so happy.... I want to live here... why can't we live here?  I'm so happy here..."
Norton building?
I even found a building with my name on it.  Obviously I'm meant to live there.

They had Christmas decorations up around the city already...

Un petit pause...

At the big "M" (for Montpellier)
Also! I got to see a really good friend that I met back in 2008 while I was down there....  so good to see him again.  Ah, the magic of modern technology for keeping in touch!

I really want to go back there more often, since it's such a vibrant city with so much to do... somewhat unlike Evreux... but it's so pricey.  A round-trip train ticket runs about 120 euro.  And I only have two-day weekends (first world problems, I know, I know) so I also don't have much time for long train rides. Drat.  I'm sure I'll be able to convince the other girls to take a trip down there soon...  Or maybe after Christmas.  We need to go to le bar australien!

It really was a bittersweet feeling being back there, though.  I kept thinking of all the wonderful people I met that summer, and how much fun I had, and how young I was (hah, all of 2 and a half years ago), and how much it made me want to return to France one day.
And here I am.  I hope I look back on this trip someday with the same fuzzy feelings I have for 2008.


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