Thursday, October 7, 2010

Alright my heart just melted a little bit

Today began with a rather snarky 10 year old boy saying:
"Et vous faites quoi, vous?"
while giving me the once-over, which roughly translates to "what are you doing here?"

and ended with a little girl asking the head teacher
"Comment dit-on 'vous êtes gentille' en anglais?"
"You are kind."

and then to me:
"You are kind."

Second day was better.  As it usually is.  Just keep swimming.

And I leave you with a couple of other gems from today....

A French cappuccino  (surprise!  chantillyyyyy)

Now that's the way to move your stuff in to your high-rise apartment...  a motorized ladder.

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Kent said...

Keep it up, Dory. :)