Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sittin. Packin. Sorta.

Well, it's about that time. Again.
This time tomorrow I'll be on a big ole Air Tahiti plane from LAX to CDG (direct flight! YAY). Possibly returning to the States for Christmas, possibly not returning until next summer. This is a lot longer than my two-month stint in 2008, but I think I'm a lot less nervous this time. I already know that I love France, and that this is going to be a wonderful experience. I also expect that there will be speed bumps, and that things won't always be efficient (ahem, paperwork) and work exactly how I want them to. But I am so unbeLIEVably excited. :)

Today I'm doing a lot of packing and watching season 7 of The West Wing before I cancel my Netflix account. Later we're going for Mexican food at my favorite restaurant in Orange. Mom's already joking that she's going to hop a plane for France next week.

Probably the best news is that I already have a place to live all set up! It's a 2-bedroom apartment that I'll be sharing with a fellow teaching assistant. It's realllly cheap, which is great (more money for traveling! and crêpes!), but I'm a little worried about not being able to see the place before deciding to live there. It'll be great, though. I hear there's a balcony! And rental bikes!

Well, I'm off to finish packing. And maybe do a final Pinkberry run with my dad. A bientôt!

(P.S. I'm totally determined to beat you this time, jet-lag. I will not submit to your week-long torture. Behold, my weapons!)

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Gage said...

I'll save my bread and take it with me
'Til a hundred years or so
Shame you won't be there to see me
Shakin' hands with Charles De Gaulle